During the last 15 years Law and Internet Foundation has successfully implemented by its own or with partnership more than 100 projects aimed at:

  • Initiating, supporting and conducting of activities for implementation of applied studies, researches, programmes and projects in the field of new technologies and technological development;
  • Supporting competent state bodies in defining the state policy for information and communication technologies development;
  • Legislation development in the information and communication technologies, electronic commerce, electronic governance, etc.;
  • Broad use and enforcement of the information and communication technologies in the judiciary, state administration, local bodies and administrations, bars, etc.;
  • Networking and collaboration with national and international organizations and institutions working in the legal area and in the field of information technologies;
  • Training and consultancy projects on project management related issues (legal issues, financial issues, project management, information and publicity, cohesion policy, public-private partnership and public procurement);
  • Sustenance of the elaboration and the development of training programs and law disciplines in universities and centers related to information and communication technologies law and capacity building.