Business etiquette is the way in which we anticipate relationships between associates in an organization, between an organization and its customers, as well as between the organization and other stakeholders. The rules of etiquette are many and can be very complicated. In this training, the focus falls on the most important and needed rules for etiquette in common for the business environment situations.

The training in Business etiquette can help your organization improve:

  • Persuasive presentation
  • Portliness of associates and employees
  • Branding and recognition of the organization
  • Customer relationships
  • Engagement and teamwork

The success in every industry depends on relationships – with co-workers, customers, vendors or investors. When employees and associates are well-trained and careful in their relationships with others, the organization creates a pleasant, productive and long-lasting business relationships and it is important to know how to stand out in the company of others.

Trainer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva

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