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Law and Internet Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO & Research centre which supports and performs applied studies, scientific researches, programmes and projects in the field of legal, technological, economic and social issues related to the fast penetration of information and communication technologies both in public and private sectors.

The mission of the organisation is to contribute towards the transformation of the society to meet the challenges of the digital world. The main pillars of the values the Foundation rest upon are development of legislation regarding digital environment through legal analyses and ethical reviews, promotion of quality education and lifelong learning, gender equality, protection of children from violence and abuse.

To achieve its mission, Law and Internet Foundation initiates innovative and rigorous research projects, education activities, transfer of knowledge and best practices, as well as strong partnerships with national and international institutions.

Survey as part of social research

01.08.2022 #Projects

Survey as part of social research

Law and Internet Foundation is carrying out social research regarding the condition of youth in Bulgaria.

NESTOR Interim Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

27.06.2022 #Projects

NESTOR Interim Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

On the 22nd and 23rd of June the NESTOR partners met in Sofia and conducted the interim project meeting.

The NESTOR project was presented at Sofia Municipality

24.06.2022 #Projects

The NESTOR project was presented at Sofia Municipality

The team of Law and Internet Foundation presented the NESTOR project to a working group at Sofia Municipality.

For the implementation of international projects,
Law and Internet Foundation has developed a wide partnership network

Culture And RISk management in Man-made and Natural Disasters (CARISMAND)
European Informatics Data Exchange Framework for Courts and Evidence (EVIDENCE)

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