Information and Communications Technology Law

Subtitle: Administrative and Technological Aspects

Author: Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Publisher: Law and Internet Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
ISBN: 978-619-7192-12-4
Size: 416 pages
Format: 70/100/16

Price: 22.00 BGN


This is the second volume of a scientific work that systematically explores the legal issues of the information and communication technologies. Taking into account the scope of the research and the need for legal and technological knowledge for the purposes of developing the science of ICT Law, the author focuses the scientific research only on the administrative and technological aspects of this phenomenon. Thus, several distinct groups of issues are explored for the first time. First, an in-depth analysis of the regime of the electronic government and of the applicable principles for provision of electronic administrative services for the purposes of implementing a reform of the administration toward operating in electronic environment is provided. The notion is differentiated from other similar notions. An in-depth analysis of the legally embedded architecture model for realization of the concept is also provided. The rules regarding the securing of the interoperability and the information security for the purposes of an automated exchange between the different participants, with view to the provision of electronic administrative services, are also discussed. Then, the author systematically, consistently and thoroughly discusses the matter regarding the information regime – personal data protection, protection of classified information, rules for access to public information and for re-use of public sector information. One chapter is dedicated to the protection of the regime for regulation of cryptography. The information therein covers all major aspects of cryptography – in the field of electronic signatures, electronic messages, electronic government and classified information. An inseparable part of the research on cryptography is the analysis of the regime for trade with dual-use goods. Then, the standardization regime in the ICT field is explored for the first time. Though written in a sophisticated style and using scientific research methods, the intelligible language of this work allows for its use by any type of specialists – with or without legal education – software engineers, computer specialists, information brokers, judicial officials, lawyers, magistrates and all interested parties.

Available only in Bulgarian.