Mentoring - Process, Guidelines and Programs

Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva

Publisher: VUZF Publishing House


Mentoring is a form of teaching, personal development, social responsibility and respect between generations, which has been around for centuries. In the modern world, mentoring is starting to take on a new meaning and the concept is widening in scope by creating a desire for perfection on an organizational and personal level.

The book is focused on developing the concept of mentoring. The goal of the research is to ensure understanding and show evidence that the undervalued concept of mentoring has a much wider application in management of human resources and in personal development overall.

The demanded relationship in today’s dynamic and fast-paced times, is one between different institutions and different levels in an organization. This relationship can be forged through mentoring and mentoring programs. Creating mentoring programs is a unique process, which is defined by a combination of factors – for example the type of mentoring, the goal of mentoring and the various situational settings.

The goal of this work is, through scientific analysis, literature review and empiric research of best practices, to comprehensively explain the modern interpretation of mentoring; to analyze the process of mentoring and the role of its participants; to show helpful, effective and efficient guidelines for successful mentoring; and to present a plan of specific elements in the process of crafting a mentoring program.