Pompeu Fabra University

Pompeu Fabra University was created in 1990 by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the aim of establishing a public university aimed at academic excellence and contributing to the development of the country. With the aim of achieving this goal, the UPF has been deployed throughout these years with strict quality criteria in all its activities, and has set up a model of an urban university closely linked to the city of Barcelona.


  • A leading research university, with a public service purpose, that positions itself as one of Europe's most internationally recognized higher education institutions, attractive to students and to the most talented and committed teachers.
  • A personalized, effective and adaptable university, which works efficiently, clearly, rigorously and with immediacy and which adapts to the context and the needs of the community, to be able to effectively achieve the results it pursues but without ever losing given the commitment to society.
  • A public university, economically sustainable, which is financed with an adequate contribution of public resources and also with other sources of resources generated by the activity of the University itself.
  • An urban university, focused on the challenges facing Barcelona and its urban environment, that takes advantage of the modernity and creativity of a city open to the world as a source of inspiration to influence the University's transformation.