Project management in informational technologies

Author: Ognyan Nakov, George Dimitrov, Ivan Stankov, Ivaylo Simeonov, Petya Deleva

Year of publish: 2013
Publisher: Technical University - Sofia
ISBN: 978-619-167-009-3
Size: 157 pages
Format: 60/84/16


The textbook is suitable for conducting courses on "Project Management in IT," "Management of Information Systems". It can be used by a wide range of professionals entering the systems management business. Our team of writers aims to provide students with knowledge in the following areas: teamwork, the law in the area of ​​information technology, project management, knowledge of the nature of Business Intelligence and principles of operation of systems for business management. This knowledge, combined with engineering knowledge that they acquire during their studies at TU will give graduates a solid foundation for successful career and start businesses.

Available only in Bulgarian.