Risk and safety on the Internet

Subtitle: The perspective of European children

Author: Sonia Livingstone, Leslie Haddon, Anke Gorzig and Kjartan Olafsson, with members of the EU Kids Online network

Year of publish: 2011
Publisher: LSE
ISBN: 2045-2551
Size: 167 pages
Format: А4


The rapidity with which children and young people are gaining access to online, convergent, mobile and networked media is unprecedented in the history of technological innovation. Parents, teachers and children are acquiring, learning how to use and finding a purpose for the internet within their daily lives. Stakeholders - governments, schools, industry, child welfare organisations and families - seek to maximise online opportunities while minimising the risk of harm associated with internet use. This report presents the findings for EU Kids Online Deliverable D4: Core Findings, based on a new and unique project designed and conducted by the EU Kids Online network and funded by the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme.

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