Period: May 2007
Status: Finished
Contacts: George Dimitrov


Law and Internet Foundation conducted a seminar for representatives of Personal Data Protection Commission aimed at improvement of the legal framework in the area of protection of information and personal data and increasing the qualification of the lawyers’ working in this area with a view to the Bulgarian accession to the European Union and Personal Data Protection Commission administration’s necessity to work under the new requirements and the common European market.

The seminar took place in Borovets Resort. The discussed topics include:

  • Harmonization of the Personal Data Protection Act with the European framework – effectiveness on the transposition of the Directive for Personal Data Protection;
  • European experience in the area of personal data protection;
  • Transfer of personal data after the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union;
  • Personal data protection under direct marketing systems;
  • Proceedings at European institutions related to personal data protection.