Period: September 2009
Status: Finished
Contacts: George Dimitrov


The aim of the seminar is to build up the necessary expert capacity for elaboration of assignments, qualified for successful certification. In connection to this, the following were presented:

1) Broader interpretation of the requirements for operative interoperability and information security;

2) Methods for defining components and functions of IT developments, which ensure uniform interpretation with regards to the procedure for certification of assignements;

3) Presentation of more significant components and functions of IT developments that visibly contradict to the requirements for operative interoperability and information security;

4) Presentation of a part of the “Methodology for planned and interim control of the operative and network interoperability and information security in the administrative bodies’ information systems” that is related to the control of the administration’s work;

5) Practical introduction to the basic functions of the information system for the administrations, developed in compliance to the Electronic Governance Act, that are not inherent to the existing document flow information systems.

The target audience of the event includes heads of IT departments in the administrations, Teamleaders for management of projects under Operational Programme Administrative Capacity, heads of units for administrative servicing and others related to the implementation of IT projects.