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04.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Electronic books gain greater popularity in Bulgaria

The disturbing question “Will the mouse eat the paper?” has a new version – will the electronic books take the place of the paper based? According to...

08.06.2009 / #Media Coverage

Electronic Governance Act principles are not directly applicable in the judicial system

Electronic signature and electronic document will be introduced in judicial institutions step-by-step…

01.06.2009 / #Media Coverage

Software’s copyrights are the most frequently rights infringed upon in Bulgaria

Infringements of copyright, especially of software, unauthorized dissemination of systems’ passwords and codes as well as computer viruses are the mos...

25.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

New business models for downloading and sharing legal content on the Internet

One of the examples that best illustrate these new business models is the emergence of the portal of BTK.

21.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

IT systems in the courts start to “communicate”

The Supreme Judicial Council though the Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity”, elaborated a project of value 2 013 470 lv., for the purposes...

21.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

E-signature in the judicial system

The Supreme Judicial Council started work on the project “Renewed Information Systems for a better service. Electronic Justice Legislative Framework.”...

14.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

The French adopted a law reflecting the pirates’ Internet

The French legislators adopted part of a law according to which the web users using illegal content online will be sanctioned by discontinuation of th...

13.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

EP: The simplified procedures for Internet searches are unacceptable

The report of Stavros Lambrindis for consolidation of the security is calling that the EU Member States that intercept and monitor data’s traffic to a...

03.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

With inefficient and untested measures we do (not) fight cyber crimes

A lot o measures for combating cyber crime are available which, however, remain untried in practice. On such measure is self-regulation – the opportun...

02.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

Justice in the Digital Era

Two day long international conference on cyber crimes started on 2nd of April in Sofia. The forum is organized by Law and Internet Foundation with the...

23.02.2009 / #Media Coverage

The ten most popular frauds on the Internet – now in Bulgaria

Amongst the victims of Internet frauds in Bulgaria are law firms and big corporations.

29.01.2009 / #Media Coverage

Free software decoding bank cards

The price for misuse with bank cards has dropped to 50 even 20 euro for the development of scanning device that reads the PIN code from the magnetic s...

28.01.2009 / #Media Coverage

Financial Frauds – from data theft to stock market speculations

Nowadays, the financial frauds are especially diverse and they cover frauds from data theft from credit cards to misuse of stock markets and getting t...

25.11.2008 / #Media Coverage

Experts discuss the e-Municipality

Conference on the topic “The Road to e-Municipality – the Digital City” is organized by Law and Internet Foundation under the aegis of Sofia Municipal...

09.06.2008 / #Media Coverage

The government seeks broad partnership with the ICT projects sector

With share of 8.4 out of 100 from the GDI of Bulgaria, more than ninety thousands occupations and salaries twice higher than the average salary in the...

17.03.2008 / #Media Coverage

For three months we are catching up in the e-governance readiness?

"Work has to start as quickly as possible in order administration to catch up on the delayed adoption of secondary legislation on the Electronic Gover...

13.03.2008 / #Media Coverage

SA has to race in order to catch up on the lacking behind ordinances of the Electronic Governance Act

"Work has to start as quickly as possible in order the administration to catch up on the delayed adoption of secondary legislation on the Electronic G...

12.03.2008 / #Media Coverage

Quick catching up on the ordinances of the Electronic Governance Act is required

"Work has to start as quickly as possible in order the administration to catch up on the delayed adoption of secondary legislation on the Electronic G...

07.12.2007 / #Media Coverage

At last: e-Commerce Registry starts from 2nd of January

The system of electronic commercial registry will start working from the first working day of 2008 – 2nd of January. It will start together with the e...

12.11.2007 / #Media Coverage

The legislator is choking when serving the electronic network

Information technologies demand new specific character of the relationships between the citizens, business and the institutions, and these relationshi...

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