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13.09.2010 / #Media Coverage

Cheats Online

The Net is a real heaven for cybercrime causing not virtual, but real and on a large scale consequences...

12.09.2010 / #Media Coverage

Seminars for presentation of internal rules for organization of the administration activites start today

Seminars for presentation of internal rules for document flow of electronic and paper documents for district and municipal administrations is organize...

26.08.2010 / #Media Coverage

IPR infringement - the most common cybercrime in Internet

IPR infringement - the most common cybercrime in Internet.

07.06.2010 / #Media Coverage

Modern register of the e-mails of the legal persons unwilling to receive spam till the end of the year

By the end of 2010 - early 2011 is expected to exist a modern version of the electronic register of e-addresses of legal persons who do not wish to re...

03.06.2010 / #Media Coverage

The unsolicited communication is pest

The unsolicited communication is pest not just for the Internet but also for the nature. The energy required to carry out the global spam could supply...

26.05.2010 / #Media Coverage

Electronic services accessible as ATMs

This is what the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications announced on his opening speech of the regional conference Webit eGo...

15.05.2010 / #Media Coverage

Public presentation of Law and Internet Foundation, a partner in the “TAF” consortium, as being awarded contract for the public procurement

“Re-engineering of business processes, development of internal rules for document flow of electronic and paper documents and implementation of complex...

18.03.2010 / #Media Coverage

Yambol Municipality optimizes its procedures through OPAC’s project

The administration has developed future model for services optimization detailing the desired functionalities of the future integrated information sys...

28.02.2010 / #Media Coverage

Public presentation of Law and Internet Foundation, a leading partner in n the consortium “Training and Law”, as being awarded contract for the public procurement

“Training of State Bailiffs and Real Estate Register Officials and the Development of a United System for their Assessment”, Lot 2 “Training of Real E...

15.02.2010 / #Media Coverage

Law amending and supplementing the Electronic Communications Act is expected to enter into force in 10 May 2010

Amendments in the Electronic Communications Act are expected to enter into force in 10 May 2010, Dr. George Dimitrov, chairman of the Center for Law a...

14.12.2009 / #Media Coverage

Amendments in EDESA. E-Signatures of CSPs from EU will be admissible

Draft Law on Amendment and Supplementation of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which aims at harmonizing the Bulgarian legal fram...

30.11.2009 / #Media Coverage

„I have a dream” or interoperability and information security

„Interoperability shall be the capacity of information systems to process, store and interchange electronic documents and data amongst themselves usin...

30.11.2009 / #Media Coverage

The magistrates started the e-justice implementation process

The package of changes allowing the use of e-services in the judicial system is expected to be adopted by the end of the next year.

17.10.2009 / #Media Coverage

Bulgarian erotic video chat on the Internet entices girls for job

Internet web site, advertised as the first Bulgarian erotic video chat, entices girls for job, as well as studio operators, recruiting models. Despite...

24.08.2009 / #Media Coverage

Filed a complaint in court with e-signature to 1 year

Within a year our citizens will gain the opportunity to file claims and complaints in court already and electronically.

28.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Changes in the law allowing e-communication with the judiciary

In the presence of technological opportunity judicial authorities will allow performance of any proceedings in electronic form.

21.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Forthcomingthe issuance of documents and filing claims can be made electronically

Draft legislation regulating the use of electronic documents and electronic signature in the courts, discussed at a round table organized by the Supre...

20.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

1 year electronic signature and e-document will come into judiciary

Spelling rules that permitted under certain technological readiness and decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to submit to the citizens...

15.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

1/5 of the Internet users are unaware of the existence of online frauds

Around 30% of the Internet users in Bulgaria are victims of online frauds every year. The most difficult issue is trace the identity of the probable d...

15.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Every third at home deceived on the Internet

Every third user in Bulgaria was a target of financial fraud attempt on the Internet. 1/5 of the people do not even suspect that such crimes exist, co...

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