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26.03.2024 / #Projects

Embarking on the Second Year of UP2030: A Journey Towards Climate Neutral Cities

In a concerted effort to drive sustainable change, the UP2030 project enters its second year with renewed vigor and determination. Across the consorti...

26.02.2024 / #Projects

INNOCENT International Workshop in Bratislava presented the first draft of the upcoming Toolkit

The INNOCENT International Workshop in Bratislava was a dynamic, fruitful and inspiring event. The workshop welcomed lawyers, judges, and prosecutors...

26.02.2024 / #Projects

National workshops in Bulgaria under the RELEASE - an absolute success

Within the framework of the RELEASE project, coordinated by the Law and Internet Foundation team, three national workshops were held as follows: on 3...

22.12.2023 / #Projects

Seventh i4Q Plenary Meeting

28.11.2023 / #Projects

Third DATAMITE Plenary Meeting

06.11.2023 / #Projects

Policy Workshop – Brussels

06.10.2023 / #Projects

Info days - NESTOR project

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