On 28 September 2011 in Sheraton Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria will be held 10h Jubilee Edition of Regional Information Security and Storage Forum.

Information security and data storage systems have passed their Rubicon and melting point in 2010 to welcome the 10th jubilee event of the forum that is dedicated to their effective implementation and application. The search of a continued balance between practical presentations and concrete technological solutions has turned the forum into a truly must-attend event for everyone who is expert in the field of information security and the data storage systems.
The event will be attended by Security Managers, IT Managers, System administrators, IT Specialists, Security Specialists, Auditors, Risk Management Managers, Financial and Operative Directors from all segments of the economy and state administration in Bulgaria or in the region.

For additional information and registration please visit the following web address: http://en.ictmedia.bg/?mode=forums&ev=19.