On 10 and 11 March 2011 in Sheraton hotel, Sofia will be held 12th e-governance conference "The effective e-governance – reengineering of the process".

As we have already entered into the phase of debating and realization of the Europe 2020 concept, arises the imminent and pending question about the effective development of e-Government and e-Governance on national and international level, about transparency of governmental activities, about the expansion of the administrative portfolio of e-services and establishment of sustainable e-processes. Reengineering, certification and prioritisation are the key words in this year’s edition of the forum.

In 2011 the event will focus on the development of the E-Governance in Bulgaria and the Balkan region, will draw parallels between the successful and challenging models for effective administration in service of the citizens and the business, will open a discussion on the opportunities for cross-border partnership and E-Governance best practices multiplying.

Representative of the central, local and regional administrations, of Balkan organisations and institutions, consultants and IT companies will share and discuss the problems in the E-Governance field, the proven-to-be-successful solutions and the opportunities of future upgrade of the accomplished.

The target audience of the event are ministers, deputy ministers, chief secretaries and IT managers of administrative institutions, regional governors, mayors, deputy mayors and municipal chief secretaries, consultants, representative of donor organizations.

For additional information and registration please visit the following web address: http://events.idg.bg/en/102//.