On 12-15 June 2017, the SSISD project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Malta. During the meeting, the partners discussed the project plan and schedule, as well as the outlined dissemination and evaluation strategies and criteria.

“Structured Synergies Improve Structured Dialogue” is a project which aims to contribute to make young people believe in the importance of their action for building a society based on civic values, facilitating their involvement in the Structured Dialogue process.

The project is set on a bridging period between the end of the 5th cycle of Structured Dialogue and embracing the full 6th one. The idea of the project is to be a bridge between the results achieved by the 5th Cycle and the priorities set for the upcoming one. SSISD foresees a series of activities strictly related to the actions scheduled by the Steering Committee for the Structured Dialogue and thought to allow reaching of the project objectives. The activities include 4 international meetings and 3 international seminars.

The project is implemented under the framework of the European Commissions’ Programme Erasmus+, within Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reforms. The countries involved are the representatives of the 5th and 6th cycles (the Netherlands, Slovakia, Malta, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria), Italy and Belgium.