On September, 11th, business and public sector representatives, legal practitioners, data protection experts attended the INFORM Day - an awareness raising event organised under the INFORM project.

During the first panel discussion, particular attention was paid to the practical application of Directive 2016/680, which remained in the shadow of GDPR in Bulgaria, its transposition into the national law and the role of the competent authorities in the application of its rules.

The speakers commented also topics related to personal data protection in the context of employment relations. They disproved some myths in regard to consent which could be wrongfully considered as the main legal basis of processing personal data by both public and private sector.

During the second panel discussion the focus was shifted to the technical and organisational measures that must be taken to ensure an adequate level of data protection. Prof. Veselin Tselkov, a member of the Bulgarian Commission for personal, data protection announced an upcomingMethodological guidelines that is aimed to provide the controllers and processors with guidance on the main technical and organisational measures to meet the data protection rules. The guidelines will comprise large part of the rules already set out in Ordinance № 1 from 30 January 2013 on the minimum level of technical and organizational measures and the admissible type of personal data protection, repealed as of 25 May 2018. Prof. Veselin Tsenkov shared that the list of data processing operations which are to be subject to a mandatory data protection impact assessment, is communicated to the European Data Protection Board and is awaiting its approval.

The codes of conduct and the certification were also among the discussed topics. The speakers likewise shared their position on the role of technologies in GDPR and the need to change firstly the business processes in order to face the challenges.

The topic related to the exercise of the data subject’s rights was also discussed. The INFORM Day ended with the presentation of the INFORM e-learning platform.

The project INtroduction of the data protection reFORM to the judicial system (INFORM) is implemented with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 763866.