The ALLIES project is a EU-funded initiative to support the micro and small hosting service providers in complying with the obligation of removing terrorist content published on websites hosted by them.

On 23rd May 2024 ALLIES Project organised the first pilot demonstration on its groundbreaking developments!

At this first pilot demonstration of ALLIES‘ developments, the participants gained valuable insight into the components included in the ALLIES tool suite and how those can aid you in the prompt and secure identification and moderation terrorist content with the help of machine and deep learning techniques.

Moreover, they had the first access to the ALLIES educational platform where you can learn all the important aspects on terrorist content online, including how to prepare the necessary documentation and reporting under the TCO Regulation.

Event Highlights:

  • Live Demonstration: Our cutting-edge AI tool in action.
  • Educational Sessions: Our experts talked about the TCO Regulation and how to boost your operational skills.
  • Interactive Q&A: Questions answered by our specialists and gain hands-on experience.

You can find the presentation here: