Automated profiling and the personal data protection

Subtitle: Analysis of GDPR

Author: Martin Zahariev, PhD

Publisher: Za bukvite
ISBN: 978-619-185-309-0
Size: 374 pages
Format: 84х108/32

Price: 35.00 BGN


This study is devoted to building a concept for organizing and managing automated data profiling (profiling). The phenomenon consists of the automated processing of data shared by an individual in the electronic space in order to analyze or predict their behavioral patterns, qualities, religious, sexual, professional, political and personal commitments and beliefs. In this way, it is possible to generate a variety of data about the individual: interests, political beliefs, economic and health status, location, behavioral features, etc. The results extracted (profiles) are used for decision-making in a wide range of areas of public life - from creating tailored advertisements, through recruitment or lending decisions, to fighting financial fraud, crime and terrorism. However, the process of this automated data processing is currently insufficiently transparent and regulated, and raises many questions about the compatibility of such processing with data protection rules, the individual's privacy, human dignity, the prohibition of discrimination, the presumption of innocence, etc.

The book is available in Bulgarian.