Between 5th and 9th November were heldthe Blend-IN Joint Staff Training and project meeting in Cagliari, Italy. Representatives of all project partners gathered together to discuss the progress made to this point, the methodology and the implementation of further activities, including the creation and development of a simulation game which aims to immerse the youth workers in realistic situations and point them to the correct solutions.

The Blend-IN Joint Staff Training and project meeting were hosted by TDM International that managed to create a friendly environment where the participants had the opportunity to interact with each other, exchange ideas and opinions on the content, vision and management of the project in general and, in particular, the simulation game and its further development.

The project Blend-IN aims to tackle the existing mistrust and non-tolerance among the different communities that live in Europe through educating youth workers. The current project is designed in the complex context of Europe that is not as united as it was, a field for rising Eurosceptics and growing tensions. Still, young people all over the continent have similar interests and problems and present the driving force for enacting positive change. Taking into account these dynamics, the Blend-IN partnership is driven to contribute to the pan-European efforts to promote the value brought by tolerance and diversity.

The project is implemented under the framework of the European Commissions’ Programme Erasmus+, within Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action: Strategic partnership for youth.