Communication at the Right Time and in the Right Place

Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva

Publisher: "Bozhidar Danev" Publishing House
ISBN: 978-619-91527-1-3
Size: 272 pages
Format: 20×22

Price: 28.00 BGN


The purpose of the book is to prepare the reader for a different communication. It provides a conceptual framework and specific communication skills in a complex environment.

Tools are presented to achieve personal, academic, professional and strategic business goals.

The book presents communication skills through a different perspective, namely by taking responsibility for the communication process. In addition to various communication theories and models, the book introduces readers to the trends in verbal and digital communication, with the NLP model (neuro-linguistic programming) being most thoroughly presented.

Particular attention is paid to non-verbal communication and presentation skills as key to a modern, responsible communicator, whether the communication takes place in an informal or formal setting, in a personal or professional context.

The book concludes with a separate chapter on conventional, modern and various practically applicable techniques and strategies for improving communication skills, including NLP techniques, suggestopedic models, and more.