On 19 May 2011 in Sheraton Hotel Sofia will be held the 8th forum ICT for Energy and Utility Business.

With the start of one of the key energy and utility projects in the region, the issue of implementation and active application of ICT for the optimization of the processes and for ensuring maximum gains from the investments made, has turned into a priority. European strategies, regional initiatives, national policies, and innovative proposals and ideas will be at the hearth of the eighth edition of the forum, aimed at driving senior managers from the energy and utility business, ICT experts, and representatives of the state administration and of ICT companies to the discussion’s profit point.

It is expected that the forum will be attended by executives from water-supply and sewerage companies, electric transmission & distribution companies, district heating companies, gas distribution companies, municipal transport companies, telecom, Internet and cable operators, engineering and construction contractors.

For additional information please visit the following web address: http://en.ictmedia.bg/?mode=forums&ev=6/.