On 7 June 2011 in Sheraton hotel, Sofia will be held the conference “Technologies Strike Back – Virtualsation, Cloud Technologies And Outsourcing.

Virtualization, cloud computing and outsourcing are currently three hot topics for the IT community, which in 2011 will join one event to present their advantages and their future in a concise manner and with clear examples from real business. In search of market adequacy and of more resource for focusing on key processes, the business is actively searching and slowly finding in the sea of technological novelties, and also searching information for their benefits over the long run. A quest that the “Technologies strike back” forum is aimed at supporting.

It is expected that the forum will be attended by Managers, CFOs, CIOs, “Operations” directors, infrastructure managers, IT Operations directors, network support managers, planning managers from all sectors of the economy, as well as from the state administration.

For additional information please visit the following web address: http://en.ictmedia.bg/?mode=forums&ev=25.