On 13, 14 May 2010 the CONSENT project held its kick-off meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia. The meeting was hosted by the Slovakian partner, Comenius University (Univerzita Komenského) the largest university in the country. The project brings together 19 different institutional partners from a variety of discipline and research backgrounds. During the meeting the partners discussed and approved a number of items including three year project plan and outline dissemination strategy.

The CONSENT project looks at the rise of user-generated content (UGC) services and social networking sites (SNS) from a socio-legal perspectives analysing, amongst others, whether the notion of privacy is being altered and how individuals themselves view the notion of privacy. This poses the question as to whether these recent changes to consumer and commercial practices developed in such a way that consumer are (in-) voluntarily signing away their fundamental right to privacy. The EU-wide study will examine this question from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The end goal is to provide a tool kit for policy makers so as to address the issues UGC services and SNS have posed.

Law and Internet Foundation is Bulgarian partner in the project and is responsible for the Bulgarian input of CONSENT project. The Foundation was represented by Dr. George Dimitrov as a Bulgarian team leader on the kick-off meeting in Bratislava.

For additional information about the project please press here or see the project website.