On 20-21 June 2018, researchers from 17 different organisations (law enforcement authorities, academia, industry, legal, ethics and privacy committees) in 13 European countries met in Madrid to launch the EU-funded project COPKIT. The project aims to create an intelligence and knowledge ecosystem for law enforcement authorities, in order to support prevention, investigation and mitigation in the context of the fight against organised crime and terrorist organisations.

The two-day event was attended by 40 people who spent the first day of the meeting reviewing the objectives and structure of the project, including management, internal procedures, external advisory boards and law enforcement authorities’ involvement. The first day was also dedicated to ethics, privacy and data protection, as well as to the plans for dissemination, exploitation and communication of COPKIT results. The partners addressed the specific tasks and approaches of each of the work packages on the second day of the event.

The project is implemented with the support of the H2020 Research and Innovation programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement No 786687.