• Protection of personal data in a digital environment

The training examines the peculiarities and practical challenges in the processing of personal data using modern technologies.

The program includes key issues such as ensuring data security, responding to data security breaches, managing relationships with technology service providers or partners in the context of performing various activities in a digital environment. Specific legal challenges related to the processing of personal data in a digital environment in the context of the provision of online services, digital marketing presence, labor relations, personnel selection, etc. are also examined in depth.

  • Practical application of GDPR – current practices and challenges

The training offers an up-to-date set of practice topics that are constantly updated. Its content includes information on good and bad practices in the processing of personal data in an employment context, challenges in managing relationships with processors, controllers, joint controllers and sub-processors, data transfers outside the EU and the lawful use of cookies.

  • Data Protection Officers

The training is a 3-day specialized training course and includes questions and practical guidelines regarding the legal aspects of personal data protection, the functions of the personal data protection official, the implementation of the official's activities - step by step, as well as a module dedicated to of technological aspects and data security.

  • Current practices of the CPLD in the event of a data security breach and when conducting inspections

No one is immune to a data breach. When such an incident occurs, GDPR requires an immediate, expert and comprehensive response. What we need to do in the event of a data security breach, what to expect after submitting a Data Security Breach Notification to the CPLD, how to assess the risk level of the data security breach that has occurred, how the checks carried out by CPDP and last but not least what we can do before such an incident occurs to minimize the risks to our organization are among the issues addressed from a practical perspective within this training.

  • Customized internal corporate trainings in the field of personal data protection, tailored to the individual needs and challenges of a specific organization.

Trainer: Atty. Desislava Krusteva and Atty. Martin Zahariev, PhD