Denitsa Kozhuharova has participated in many different national and international projects and programmes in the youth policies, education, legal analysis and monitoring fields. She has also participated in international students conferences focused on different International and European Law aspects. Denitsa Kozhuharova has taken part in the “Legal Barometer” Project.

Denitsa Kozhuharova has started her career as an intern in the Ministry of Justice, Directorate “Procedural Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria before the European Court of Human Rights”.

Denitsa Kozhuharova has successfully widen her legal expertise taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme, spending a semester in Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, where she has completed European Law, Copyright and Neighboring Rights, International and European Environmental Law, Legal Anthropology courses. In 2015 Denitsa Kozhuharova is a participant in the CEE Vienna International Tax Law Summer School at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law. Both gained knowledge and experience had helped in the process of defining the fields of her professional interests.