Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of the Law and Internet Foundation, made a presentation on “Legal Nature and Protection on the Domains” during the first Bulgarian event related to the ICANN program for new domains. Dr. Dimitrov emphasized on the connection between a trademark and a domain, the legal specifications upon registry of a domain’s name as a trademark, and the trademark as a domain’s name, the methods for resolving disputes and other methods for protection – in the legal filed of copyrights, completion and others.

The Domain Forum Conference was held on November 7th, 2011 in Grand Hotel Sofia. The introduction of new top-level domains took up most of the program. Topic such as IPv6, DNSSEC, IDN domains, cyber security and Internet management were also included.

The event is organized by UNINET Association (including the companies Superhosting,bg, ICN.bg, UNICART, with Register.BG). Official partners are the Bulgarian Web Association and BG Site Foundation.

More information about the event may be found at http://www.domainforum.bg.