Period: September 2005 – December 2005
Status: Finished
Contacts: George Dimitrov


The project “Drafting and Bringing Up-to-Date a Set of Normative Documents for Amendment and Supplement of the Current Legal Framework in the Electronic Commerce Sector” is the final step of the European requirements implementation into the national legislative framework on the public relations connected to electronic commerce. The project objective is an update of the existing proposals for amendments and supplementation of the current legislation and elaboration of new ones in accordance with the draft of the Electronic Commerce Act and the relevant European framework. The subject of the project is drafting rules regulating the public relations in connection to the electronic commerce that failed out of the Electronic Commerce Act Draft scope, and more specifically, the relations with international element, the relations regarding the financial services, the electronic signatures and electronic documents, consumer protection, personal data protection, intellectual property protection, taxation, and penal-legal aspects.