eHealth Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria)

The E-Health Bulgaria Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization. It was established with the purpose to boost the development of the e-health on a national level as a part of the electronic government of the Republic of Bulgaria. The necessity of speeding up the health reform in Bulgaria requires the development of the electronic healthcare as a cornerstone in our health system. In this process the Foundation collaborates with all participants and interested parties in the healthcare process - Ministry of Healthcare, NHIF /National Health Insurance Fund/, private health insurance funds, hospitals, GPs, pharmacies, laboratories, medical doctors and patients.We have the strong will to partner and join forces with international institutions and associations, the European Commission and other European bodies that focus on the development e-Europe and e-health as one of its vital components. Electronic healthcare covers several aspects - integrated information systems, electronic health records, electronic health cards, e-learning, delivering online health services - towards the development of which, the efforts of the Foundation are targeted.

Expert areas