Regulation (EC) 910/2014, also known as eIDAS was promulgated in OJ in 2014 but it entered into full force in 2016. It paved the way for digital transformation of government public services and businesses by regulating the most important legal instruments for making this happen - electronic identification, electronic documents and electronic trust services. Some aspects weре also regulated on a national level with the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Trust Services.

This training aims at brining knowledge on the basics of eIDAS. The specific topics covered are:

  • The basics of eIDAS - concept ot trust.
  • Electronic identification - basics. Schemes for electronic identification - notified and on a national level.
  • eID for use in private and regulated business - banking, insurance, leasing, telecom, etc.
  • Legal regime of electronic documents. Particularities.
  • Legal regime of trust services - qualified and non-qualified.
  • Electronic signatures - types, use, trust services related to e-signatures.
  • E-seals, e-timestamps, e-delivery, e-preservation, e-validation, e-website authentication. Trust services related thereto.
  • Use of eID, e-documents and trust services for digital transformation of businesses.
  • Compliance with EU regulations - AML, KYC, PSD2, GDPR, protection of consumers, etc.
  • Providing digital evidence in court proceedings.


  • Capacity building on the steps to business processes adaptation to the new legal transformation requirements;
  • Practical skills and knowledge on the legal framework for eID, e-documents and trust services that will help planning digital transformation for competitive advantage;
  • Practical advice on achieving compliance with other regulation when digital transformed processes are employed;
  • Use-cases for collection and provision of digital evidence in court proceedings;
  • Certification for successfully completed training.

Trainers: Prof. Dr. George G. Dimitrov, Dr. Gergana Varbanova