Electronic Newsletter on the Fight Against Cybercrime (ENAC) is a Cybex initiative cofunded by the European Commission’s Directorate General Freedom, Security and Justice within the framework of the Criminal Justice 2008 JPEN Programme. The ENAC is a free monthly e-Newsletter mostly directed to judges, technicians, prosecutors, lawyers, computer forensics specialists, human resources managers, jurists, law enforcement bodies, and any person that deals with electronic evidence and seeks to prevent cybercrime.

The ENAC examines topics directly connected to cybercrime, including but not limited to, the use of electronic evidence as a procedural tool to adduce evidence of crimes in court, the essential role of computer forensics as a necessary procedure to obtain electronic evidence and in proving cybercrime, as well as acting as a mechanism to facilitate the co-operation between all of those involved in cybercrime in order to thwart the progression of such threats.

The ENAC is currently being disseminated to more than 30 countries and distributed in English, Spanish and Russian.

You are welcome to subscribe to the ENAC and/or to collaborate as a partner to disseminate the e-Newsletter.