ERASMUS+ Programme

The European programme for education, training, youth and sport, Erasmus+ provides diverse opportunities not only for individuals, but also for organisations. The main objectives of the projects elaborated and implemented by LIF in this field aim to develop and deliver up-to-date skills and knowledge to people, based on an integrated approach and strong partnerships between education and business to promote innovation and competitiveness.

This involves introduction of new training methodologies, social innovations, ICT based training platforms, transfer of knowledge of digital security and privacy. With its project activities, LIF contributes to the skills enrichment of youth and NGOs workers, to promotion of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in particular, to proving quality mentoring, overall boost of education and development, thus fostering competitiveness, active citizenship and social cohesion.

In addition, throughout its activities under the Erasmus+ framework, LIF advocates for digital literacy, development of innovations, and strengthening the strategic multisectoral and multidisciplinary partnerships between European organisations.