On the 15-16 October 2019, the Center for Security Studies in Athens hosted the second face-to-face work meeting of FAIR team members.

The meeting provided an opportunity for all 4 FAIR partners to discuss the overall progress on the project plan, the results from the past work, the ongoing outputs and the future project activities.

At the meeting, Law and Internet Foundation was represented by Denitsa Kozhuharova and Kalina Ruseva.

The main concept of FAIR is to reach persons suspected or accused of crime and empower them with knowledge of their rights enshrined in the EU Directives by providing information in different languages and manners using innovative technological approach. This information will be available on the FAIR website the FAIR tool elaborated under the project. The tool be used in detention centers to inform people suspect or accused of crimes of their rights.

You can also follow the FAIR project on Facebook on facebook.com/FAIRproject.FAIRtrial/

The project is implemented with the support of Justice Programme (2014-2020) of the European Commission under Grant Agreement №802040.