On 21 and 22 June 2011 in Pravets will be held the First International Seminar on the Working Group “E-Government” – part of the multinational project between Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece “Facing the challenge how to effectively support public administration reforms by ESF funds” realized with the financial support of European Commission.

 On the seminar will be presented and discussed the conclusions from the study conducted under the project in order to be identified and analyzed the best practices in three specific areas of e-Government:
- Knowledge management in and between administrations;
- E-Identification - e-Identity;
- Unified point of e-Business Service (for example StartUp of Small & Medium Business).

During the seminar the study authors will present the researched best practices. The participants could discuss the opportunities for applying these best practices in their countries as well as the possibilities for their financing by the European Structure Funds, there will be put specific accent to the European Social Fund. The focus of the event will be as well the ideas for transnational projects in e-Government area.

As a result from the seminar will be decided which of threes best practices are of an interest and will be further in-depth and on-site analyzed during the following months. The conclusions of this on-site research will be included in Guidelines for Transfer of Best Practices and will be discussion topic on the Second Seminar under the project that will be held on September 2011 in Bulgaria.

Among the seminar participants are expected e-Government experts, ESF experts, State Administration and NGO experts, representatives from the project partners and from other Member States of EU.

For additional information and registration please visit the following web address: www.publicadministrationreform.eu.