GIS in Public Policy

Subtitle: Using Geographic Information for More Effective Government

Author: Greene, R.

Year of publish: 2000
Publisher: ESRI Press
ISBN: 1-879102-66-8
Size: 101 pages
Format: А4


GIS is a powerful software technology that allows a virtually unlimited amount of information to be linked to a geographic location. Coupled to a digital map, GIS allows a user to see regions, countries, neighborhoods, and the people who live in them with unprecedented clarity, showing layer upon layer of information - such as demographic trends, soil types, income levels, voting tendencies, poverty rates, pollution levels, epidemics, cereal brand preferences, high school drop-out rates, college scholarship rates, television watching preferences, and Internet accessibility - the list is limited only by the imagination. GIS also incorporates powerful tools to analyze the relationships among all these kinds of data.


Available only in English.