Global Campus

Subtitle: -

Author: Roumen Nikolov

Year of publish: 2009
Publisher: Avangard Prima
ISBN: 978-954-323-529-2
Size: 266 pages
Format: А4


In the book are identified and examined processes related to the effective integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the internal activities of the university as well as in activities related to different external to the university organizations and users, with the purposes of improving the quality of education, research, and management as well as reinforcement of university’s role in serve of society. A Global Campus model is presented as well as its different components, instruments, methods, forms of organization and principles. As basis of the research, presented in the book, are used results from numerous researches, educational, development and adopted projects, including projects and research where the author participated as a director, researcher and developer.

Available only in Bulgarian.