The ICT Law Department focuses its activities on:

  • Legal analysis and research. The Department conducts in-depth research on the ICT legal framework in Bulgaria, Europe and beyond. The focus is mainly on the use of electronic documents and electronic signatures, electronic identification, e-commerce regulation, the protection of intellectual property rights in the age of ICT, consumer protection, regulation of the information flow, cryptography and standardisation, as well as e-justice (incl. electronic evidence) and e-governance. To this respect, the Foundation has implemented numerous national and international projects, amongst which the ongoing projects are COPKIT, FORMOBILE and GUARD. These projects deal with issues related to privacy, personal data protection, security, internet governance and cybersecurity, etc.
  • Elaboration and improvement of the national ICT legal framework. LIF experts participate and support working groups, charged with the task to draft the Bulgarian ICT laws and regulations. This endeavour is further facilitated by the exchange of best practices - a process enabled by the implementation of the numerous international projects in which LIF experts take part in.
  • Elaboration of key policies and strategies of national importance. The Foundation supports the elaboration process of the national strategies related to ICT law such as the Strategy for Bulgaria's Competitiveness on the International ICT Markets, the Strategy for e-Government, the Strategy for e-Healthcare in Bulgaria, the Policies and Standards for provision of administrative services, etc.
  • Implementation of national projects aimed at consultancy and analysis of the information related structures in public and private entities, thus supporting the smooth ICT use in their work processes. This activity includes the elaboration of legal statements and analysis on the legal compliance and identification of existing gaps.