The Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia is holding a workshop over two days to look at the subject of Illicit Networks. 

A number of respected international academics have been invited and have agreed to participate as keynote presenters. Professor Carlo Morselli (University of Montreal) - the author of Contacts Opportunities and Criminal Enterprise (2005) and Inside Criminal Networks (2008) will provide one of the keynote presentations, as will Professor Michael Kenney (Pennsylvania State University), the author of From Pablo to Osama: Trafficking and Terrorist Networks, Government Bureaucracies, and Competitive Adaptation (2007).

The workshop aims to explore illicit networks adopting a multi-disciplinary perspective. It thus will draw on participant expertise in diverse areas such as criminology, political science, social network analysis, social psychology and sociology. The event will be open to interested parties from academia and government.