Information and Communications Technology Law

Subtitle: Civil Aspects

Author: Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Publisher: Law and Internet Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
ISBN: 978-619-7192-06-3
Size: 448 pages
Format: 70/100/16

Price: 22.00 BGN


This is the first scientific work of its kind that systematically explores the legal issues of the information and communication technologies. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of the regulation of the most significant groups of civil relations in this economic sector. Thus, the legal status of the electronic documents as the major instrument for making legally valid statements in the electronic world and of the electronic signature as a mark of authorship of the electronic documents is explored. The regime of the indirect and direct electronic commerce is explored in-depth, including the electronic conclusion of different types of contracts, the rules restricting the sending of unsolicited commercial messages (spam) and the responsibility of the providers of information society services. One chapter is dedicated to the legal protection of intellectual property in the field of ICT with emphasis being placed on the protection of software products and of contracts for cession of rights to use such products, of data bases, as well as on the protection of the topology of integrated circuits. The protection of the users in the field of ICT is introduced as well.

Available only in Bulgarian.