International Encyclopaedia of Laws

Subtitle: Cyber Law, Monograph Bulgaria

Author: George Dimitrov

Year of publish: 2010
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 978-90-411-2188-2
Size: 266 pages
Format: A5


The development of the information and communication technologies drives the world into new dimensions. People communicate electronically in a virtual space without borders commonly referred to as cyberspace. The national jurisdictions are facing the challenge of finding a balance as to the need for enforcing a just legislation to secure protection for the lawful interests of the persons in the cyber world. Problematic issues could be found in personal data and privacy protection, in protection of intellectual property, in validity and formation of ICT contracts, in execution of electronic transactions, in investigating computer crimes, etc. The monograph outlines the Bulgarian approach in regulating the above issues. Being a member of the EU, Bulgaria has transposed the European supranational legislation fairly well. The work aims at presenting the main legislative acts regulating the relations between people involving information and communication technologies, at outlining the market developments and at pointing out the way in which national regulatory authorities and courts apply and interpret the new rules.

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