The Law and Internet Foundation’s experts atty. Nikola Stoychev and atty. Hristo Nihrizov contributed to the Telecom Sector by drafting a Code of Ethics for Consumer Telecommunication Services. In this regard, on October, 9th during the 8th Annual Conference of the Bulgarian Association of Cable and Communication Operators, the draft Code of Ethics was presented to the large public by atty. Nikola Stoychev.

Atty. Stoychev took part in the discussions around the newly drafted document, together with the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, the Chair of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CPC), а Member of the Communications Regulation Commission and the Chairman of Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Cable and Communication Operators.

The draft Code of Ethics is consumer oriented and the document is aimed at clarifying some main issues in the relationships between the operators and consumers, as well as at facilitating the communication between them.

The final version of the Code of Ethics has not yet been published.