Every business should try to organize its activities so that a minimum amount of personal data is transferred to the United States. This was said by lawyer Desislava Krusteva, senior legal expert at the Law and Internet Foundation, in the show "Business Start" hosted by Hristo Nikolov.

Lawyer Krusteva's comment is on the occasion of a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which declared the agreement between the EU and the USA on the transatlantic data flow - Privacy Shield, as invalid.

„Тhis is a very serious obstacle for all organizations that transfer data to the United States."

Lawyer Desislava Krusteva explained that adequate protection of personal data can no longer be ensured, and that anyone who transfers data carries a serious risk.

„Some of the organizations are directly affected. At the same time, Facebook will have to provide a separate service on its platform at EU level or will have to take the subsequent risks."

She stressed that a huge part of modern business is global, various data are exchanged - customer information, employee information, etc.

You can watch the whole interview here.