Period: January 2002 - September 2004
Status: Finished
Contacts: George Dimitrov


The project goal is to raise the professional standards of the Bulgarian legal profession by creating a database for legal information. The project was implemented in two stages:

January 2002 – December 2002

The underlying purpose of the first stage is the development and maintenance of a comprehensive database, in English and Bulgarian, containing up-to-date and useful legal information such as database of all attorneys, notaries, syndics, courts, courts of arbitration, investigation and prosecution offices. Ordinances pursuant to the legal framework regulating the legal status, the activities, and ethical code of conduct of the legal professionals were published. Another part of the project is the promotion of researches, analyses, and publications related to the legal profession.

The project was realized with the financial support of Open Society Foundation, Dimitrov, Petrov & Co Law Firm, and American Bar Association Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (ABA/CEELI).

October 2003 – September 2004

The success of the project and the positive feedback from the beneficiaries stimulated Law and Internet Foundation to continue and enrich the content of the started initiative by complementing the existing databases with information about the industrial property representatives, penal institutions, law clinics, law departments at the universituties, and professional bar associations in Bulgaria. In addition to the available ordinances, free access to all legislation into force was provided.

The second stage of the project was realized with the financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).