Period: April 2011 – May 2011
Status: Finished
Contacts: George Dimitrov


Law and Internet Foundation is awarded contract for the public procurement “Proposal for Optimization of the Structure and Activity Organization of Bulgartransgaz EAD and Rules and Procedures for Human Resources Management” – а project of Bulgartransgaz EAD.

The main project objective is a modern, flexible and operationally efficient organization of the company to be achieved by the optimization of the management structure and thus to contribute to the integration into the evolving, liberalizing market for gas transmission in the country and the EU, in line with international best practices for organizational structure.

The project implementation by the Law and Internet Foundation includes two activities: Activity 1 – Development of a new organizational structure, renovation of functionalities in units and functions, preparation of new rules for the structure and organization of the company’s activity, including the rules of internal labor regulations, development of job descriptions for the positions in the Headquarters of the company and making Code of Professional Ethics; and Activity 2 - Preparation of new rules for internal document flow of the company and preparation of other proposals for the overall optimization of the company’s activity.