On 4th and 5th December in Timişoara (Romania) the second training seminar of the project "Justice in the Digital Era" was held, implemented by Law and Internet Foundation in partnership with Technology and Internet Association (Romania), DFLabs (Italy) and IT and Law Center of Bristol University (UK), and with the financial support of the European Commisson.

On the seminar issues such as the essence of cyber crimes and the potential victims, overcoming the threats and their consequences, as well as the fight and prevention of cyber crimes as part of the public-private partnerships, were discussed.

Romanian representatives from investigation bodies, courts, and from the private sector participated in the seminar. Leading lecturers of the event were Bogdan Manolea (APTI), Dario Forte (DFLabs), Andrew Charlesworth (Center for IT and Law, Bristol University), Bogdan Petrov (vice-chairman of Law and Internet Foundation), etc. The event is part of series of trainings aimed at magistrates of Bulgaria and Romania on issues related to investigation and proving of cybercrime.

The first seminar was held in resort "Golden Sand", Bulgaria, on 13th and 14th of November. Representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Combating General Crime Directorate and Combating Organized and Serious Crime Directorate), Sofia procurator’s office, Ministry of Justice, State Agency of Information Technologies and Communications, Coordination Center for Information, Communication and Management Technologies, and the private sector – Bulgarian Web Association, Society for Electronic Communications, NetInfo, etc.

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