State of the e-Government in Bulgaria

Subtitle: Analysis

Author: Dimitrov, G., Manolov S., Blagoev, L., Kuyumdzhieva, A

Year of publish: 2005
Publisher: Center for Law and Information and Communication Technologies
Size: 115 pages
Format: А5


The present elaboration introduces analysis of the status quo of electronic government in Bulgaria and it contains proposals for taking measures for improvement of efficiency and efficacy of the administrative work. In the elaboration of the proposals prominent experts in the electronic government area from the Center for Law and Information Technologies took part. Objectives of the work is to examine past and current measures and projects, realized in the field of electronic government, to draw the obstacles in front of its future development, and to outline possible way to overcome them.

The Analysis is developed under "Bringing the E-government services closer to the citizens" Project.

Available in Bulgarian.