Тhe Strategic Development Department is concerned with:

  • Strategic analysis and planning of the Foundation’s broad spectrum of activities. The Department handles all relevant research into possible development opportunities, creates a risk management structure and plan, as well as analyses of the current and planned activities to minimise shortcomings and avoidable underperformance areas and gaps. This also includes resource planning, as well as managing sponsorship and for-profit activities.
  • Human resource management, including talent and diversity management, development of personnel, administration and orientation, compensation, safety and health of the employees. Moreover, as a big part of the Foundation’s experts have other occupations as well, coordination of the team also falls into the duties and responsibilities of the Strategic Development Department.
  • Administration of all activities of Law and Internet Foundation, tasks and responsibilities related to logistics, the Foundation’s operations, as well as overseeing the preparation of the budget, managing employee files, supervising and tracking activities and all documentation.