On 1 and 2 June, 2010 in Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le palace, Brussels, Belgium the 2nd Annual Internet of Things 2010 conference will be held.

The 2nd Annual Internet of Things 2010 conference will join together business leaders, consumer advocates, policymakers and entrepeneurs to explore what opportunities and risks the Internet of Things will offer businesses and consumers, and how these will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years.
It will explore and discusse the future of the Internet of Things with existing and potential application scenarios and the dimension of new services. It will look at how such smart connected objects and indeed cities may evolve in the future and how application providers can provide opportunities from real-life.

For additional information and registration please visit the following web address: http://www.eu-ems.com/summary.asp?event_id=55&page_id=342