The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (United Kingdom)

The Institute is an independent research body, unaffiliated to any university, which is committed to the understanding, development and practical application of international and comparative law. The Institute is one of the leading independent research centres for international and comparative law in the world. Its high quality research projects, seminars and publications encompass almost all areas of public and private international law, comparative law and European law and it is at the forefront of discussions on the many contemporary issues of international and comparative law. The Institute mission is to advance the understanding of international and comparative law; to promote the rule of law in international affairs and to promote their application through research, publications and events. It undertakes its mission by providing practical assistance based on strong conceptual foundations in order to influence law and policy making. In particular, the Institute aims to clarify and apply international law in global problem-solving; foster a comparative understanding of national legal systems; aAssist states through legal capacity-building and training and encourage and support the best scholarship and talent in this legal field. It seeks to achieve these aims through its research programmes, events, publications, and its widely respected journal, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly. Its membership comprises lawyers from the academic community, from legal practice (including judges, solicitors and barristers), and from government, international and non-governmental organisations, as well as non-lawyers who are interested in the many aspects of international and comparative law.